When Should You See an Asthma Allergy Doctor?


When you feel sick, have a cough, body pain or other severe problem, the first place you go is a general practitioner or physician. But what if you face a serious cough and started to have a breathing problem, well that is a sign of asthma where you need to go to an asthma allergy doctor and nor any general physician. This requires more expertise and care that an asthma specialist can help you with because they are experienced and are trained to specially deal with asthma patients.

Types of Asthma Allergy Doctors

There are actually different types of asthma specialist that diagnose with different problems.

  • Allergist/immunologist - They are specifically trained in handling allergic diseases including asthma.
  • Phonologist - They specializes in diseases affecting the lungs and breathing including asthma.

Which specialist to consult?

The choice of choosing the type of doctors is always up to you and your problem. So, before you go to an asthma specialist, you must know their importance.

Know when you should go to an asthma allergy doctor:

  • When you are unable to control your asthma after a few months of treatment and has been hospitalized for asthma.
  • If you have other health-related problems in addition to asthma.
  • If you get life-threatening asthma attacks.
  • If you are experiencing unusual asthma symptoms.

Thus, if you've been striving to control asthma for months without relief of symptoms, an asthma specialist may offer better management options to keep your asthma under control.